Chris Dalman

It's great to have met you! Thanks again for the great work you did. Your skills and application of sports massage way surpassed my expectations!  I walked out of your office feeling like a whole new person. I didn't even think that some of the lumbar and shoulder releases I felt were even possible until you honed in, found the real issues, and worked them out!
As a professional High Dive performer, I have a hardcore training regimen that consists of 80 ft dives and hitting the water at over 60 mph... needless to say my body gets beat up pretty good through all that.

After coming back from a Dive Show in Canada and hearing about your work, I decided to check it out. All I gotta say is, Wow! What a good decision! Not only is your work World Class, you were very personable and knowledgeable. I felt like I was learning something new every few minutes all the while having the feeling of just chatting with an old friend.

— Chris Dalman