Q – What should I wear?

A – For issue-specific Sports Recovery/Structural Integration treatments: Wear comfortable gear as you would for a workout or yoga.  My style of work requires a fair amount of active release stretching, positioning and resistance on the clients part, to isolate and treat specific muscles. We keep you moving around a lot so it’s often just more pragmatic to wear clothing we can work around or directly through, without needing a top sheet.  For guys this is usually running or basketball shorts. For women, running or spandex shorts and a sports bra work great.

A – For Deep Tissue Relaxation treatments: Most prefer to disrobe and are draped with a top sheet and blanket. In all instances, your modesty is always respected and your comfort is the highest priority.

Q – How long will it take me to get out of pain?!

A – It all depends on your specific situation, so to give you a definitive would be out of integrity. I can say that typically clients experience significantly reduced pain, if not entirely, in the first session.  In three to four sessions most common acute issues are corrected.

Q – Will I be sore after our session?

A – Probably!  It’s a good sore though…like you had a good workout.  Usually 48-72 hours after our session you will feel AMAZING…like everything has fully integrated in your body and you suddenly remember what it felt like to be pain free!

Q – How often should I get treatment?

A – Every week is optimal! Now you are thinking, “Of course he would say that!” This is what my top Athletes and Weekend Warriors absolutely require. It allows us to continually be making progress and keep you from being Injury Prone.  The name of the game is RECOVERY to STAY HEALTHY!