My Approach

My approach is very straightforward and results oriented. I do not believe in a “One Routine Fits All” approach to Therapy.  Our first session begins with a consultation. I listen intently to each client to gain an in depth understanding of how you use your body in your daily routine, and precisely where pain and dysfunction are occurring in your body.  We’ll test your muscles to see which ones are firing properly and which ones are shortened and weak. Your body’s alignment, posture and movement will tell me a story that provides a road map to unraveling your dysfunctional myofascial, muscular and structural patterns.


You’ve given me a great overview visual of what you put your body through everyday. Next we gather a visual of how your body has adapted and overcompensated, with postural measurements, and by documenting your posture in front of postural alignment grid.  Now we can see if one hip is horizontally elevated, a shoulder anteriorly rotated, or maybe your neck is in lateral flexion. This gives you a better understanding of what a trained eye is seeing and it gives us both a great baseline point of reference for measuring your progress!

Design Plan

Through this verbal and postural assessment, I am able to devise a plan of how to move forward most EFFICIENTLY to getting your body out of pain, realigned, feeling strong and performing at it’s best!

Execute with Efficiency

I utilize over 20 years of training and practice in a broad spectrum of modalities and treatment approaches. With well over 20,000 hours of hands on experience, I have sifted through what works well, what works really well, and what doesn’t work at all. This has given me the experience and ability to develop profoundly effective protocols for common conditions like TMJ disorder, Low Back Pain, Frozen Neck, Frozen Shoulder etc., to sport-specific Rehab, Prehab and Restorative protocols.


I am totally invested in getting you results! Before your session is even over, I will ask you to “Hop up and give that a test drive”, to see how you are feeling, how your biomechanics have changed, and to what level, if any, you are still experiencing pain. This assures us time to do any final tweaks or fine-tuning to make certain you leave happy knowing you’ve attained extraordinary results!  Together, we will continue to measure your progress over the course of your treatments!