Why Choose Us?


Over 20 years & 20,000 hours, (nearly 6000 hrs and counting) of which were with Olympic and Paralympic Elite World Class Athletes. I have had the opportunity to be presented with a myriad of injuries and conditions, and have creatively and effectively produced positive change every time.


Every person who comes through my door is treated as a top priority with the utmost honor and respect. I appreciate your choosing me as your Therapist, and promise you the highest caliber of work and professionalism.


I understand what it is like to sustain serious injury. In 2005 I crushed my L3, L4 & L5 vertebrae, and forewent a spinal fusion that led me on a ten-month journey to rehabilitate myself back to vibrant health, one step and one affirmation at a time. In 2009, I re-injured my lumbar spine and suffered a severe sciatic nerve impingement that was another eight months of recovery.   In 2014, I ruptured two cervical discs, impinging my Radial Nerve and completely shutting down my right arm, that forced me to take a ten-week hiatus from doing the work I love. Again, I forewent surgery to rehabilitate myself in all the ways that I knew possible. I know excruciating pain! I know the breakdown of your mental, emotional and spiritual wherewithal that occurs as a result of prolonged intense chronic pain! Not being able to do the things you love to do sucks! I want to see you out of pain as quickly as possible!


I simply would not have been able to succeed the last 20 years in business, with only word of mouth advertising, without producing tangible and lasting results. My clients are all very happy with the positive results that we achieve together through my work, and their commitment to creating change. They refer me to their friends, teammates and colleagues…and the cycle continues!