Sound Healing

The term Sound Healing has become a bit of a buzz word in the Holistic, meditative and Yogic realm. It can range in definition to mean anything from an experiential drum circle, to having Tibetan bowls played over one’s chakras, to simply listening to a soft acoustic guitar piece. All of these approaches are true to definition, as we can experience a positive healing occurrence on some level, through any of these practices and more.

I want to get slightly more specific in the definition of my approach, so that you might have as clear of an idea of what to expect coming into your sound healing session. While it is nearly impossible to explain, with words what this sounds and feels like, I’ll do my best here. I am humbled to share an incredibly unique style of vocal toning. First, it’s not a sound that I am “making”, but rather, a sound that I am allowing to flow through me. I listen with my hands, open my mouth, and simply allow for the specific frequency that the recipient’s body is asking for to flow out of me. It sounds closest to a cross between a crystal bowl resonating, and perhaps the electronic frequencies of a Theramin.  There is nothing subtle about this sound. You Will Feel It reverberating throughout your entire being. The sound encapsulates the challenged area, and creates an energetic jack-hammer of sorts, oscillating with a gentle relentlessness until it breaks apart and disperses the blockage that formerly resided in the recipient’s body.

This technique is often used in accompaniment with Quantum-Touch Energywork, and it is consistently reported that the sound magnifies the intensity, power and effectiveness of the energywork, tenfold. Clients report that the sound frequency actually penetrates through the tissue and muscles and organs to the core of the body, and is actually felt resonating through the skeletal structure.